Geothermal energy

Geothermics (geothermal prospecting) is the use of the earth's heat to produce electricity, heat and cooling energy.

Temperatures inside the earth heat the planet’s outer layers and underground water reservoirs. This energy is tapped with the help of wells. For using geothermal energy up to 400 metres deep ("near-surface"), a heat probe combined with a heat pump utilises the different temperature level between the soil and the ambient air. In deeper strata, hot water and steam are obtained for district heating grids or to generate electricity.



The Agency for Renewable Energies

The Agency for Renewable Energy (AEE) provides advocacy for the "Energiewende". The task of the agency is to communicate the most important advantages of a sustainable electricity supply on the basis of renewable energy. Above all, these are: Security of supply, innovations, increase in employment, export potential, permanent cost-cutting power supply, climate protection and conservation of resources.

The AEE is supported by companies and associations in the renewable energy industry. The Renewable Energies Agency works throughout Germany, on a cross-party and cross-society basis. Several of her communications projects are funded by the Federal Ministries of Environment and Agriculture.

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