Solar powerfuels set to decarbonize Australia’s gas sector

enapter_logo_300x400Melbourne, Australia, 3rd June 2019. Southern Green Gas and Enapter have announced a partnership to jointly drive the development of solar powerfuels in Australia, calling time on fossil fuel-based energy generation. Solar powerfuels are synthetic, gaseous or liquid fuels produced from renewable energy sources. They are the missing link to bring renewable energy to the heating, transport and industry sector for domestic and export use.

Southern Green Gas proposes to showcase its solar powerfuel at the demonstration project in southern Queensland. The project will comprise solar electricity to power an Enapter EL 2.0 that splits water into its component gases, hydrogen and oxygen. The green hydrogen is then combined with carbon dioxide extracted directly from the air to create renewable methane.

“Solar is an incredible success story in Australia and globally”, said Rohan Gillespie, Managing Director of Southern Green Gas. In Australia, solar irradiation levels are amongst the highest in the world. “We now have the technology to capture solar energy in the form of 100% sustainable methane gas which is more easily stored and distributed than electricity”. Southern Green Gas assessed all the available suppliers of electrolysers globally. “We have been scanning the market for a suitable partner and are convinced that Enapter’s solution is a perfect fit for our approach”, Gillespie stated.

“We are very excited about this partnership”, stated Sebastian-Justus Schmidt, Chairman of Enapter. “The scale of the project allows us to reduce prices for our hydrogen electrolysers to extremely compelling levels. Ultimately this solution could create a major export market, and ultimately allow Australia to become self-suffi-cient in transport fuels”.

The partnership was announced just days after the Energy Networks Australia released a report confirming that injection of hydrogen into the gas distribution net-work can be done under current gas legislation providing confidence for investors and businesses in the space.

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