• Community Renewables

    Germany’s Renewable Energy Agency (AEE) has begun publishing a ten-episode podcast on community renewables. Numerous grassroots groups are interviewed, from wind to solar and biomass – and also from the 1980s until today; the experts interviewed hail from Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, China, and Denmark – in addition to Germany. The podcast is hosted on Soundcloud. Also listen and subscribe on:

  • Atlas of the Energiewende

    Our atlas illustrates the benefits of the Energiewende for Germany and the potential of expanding renewables soon. Harvest the low hanging fruits and reach for a carbon neutral energy system by 2050!

  • Passport, sunglasses, renewables

    From the windy North Sea shores to the sunny peaks of the Alps, this new travel guide brings you to over 190 destinations around Germany, the home of the Energiewende.

  • Renewables in Germany: Driven by citizens

    Nearly half of all renewable energy capacity installed so far in Germany is in the hands of private individuals, according to a study by trend:research. This proves that everybody can contribute to the growth of renewable energies.


The new BETD Podcast

Berlin, 24 February 2020: On March 24 and 25, the BETD will take place in Berlin for the sixth time. The first episode of the new BETD podcast will be released on Monday, February 24. The podcast can already be subscribed to today on the BETD website. Listeners can already hear the invitation to subscribe.

Foto: ConvertKit on Unsplash_72dpiThis year, the motto of the BETD is Energy Transition - A Global Green Deal. The German Foreign Office and Ministry of Economics and Technology has joined forces with German solar association BSW-Solar, German energy agency dena, consultancy Eclareon, and the German Renewable Energy Federation BEE to make the BETD into an energy transition institution. In addition to numerous prominent speakers, international guests and interested participants, this year's event also includes the BETD podcast, which was produced by the AEE and funded by the German Foreign Office.

"The podcast is intended to give all BETD participants and those who cannot be present at the event the opportunity to listen to interesting discussions with very different experts on this year's topics," says Dr. Robert Brandt, Managing Director of AEE. "It was important for us to produce a podcast in which Craig Morris, an advisor at the AEE, takes the time to respond to the discussion partners.”

Among the prominent guests are the former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson, on the subject of climate justice; economist Claudia Kemfert, who will talk about her books on competitive advantages in the energy revolution; and of course conference moderator Linda Davis, who will speak about developing countries and women's networks.

The individual episodes of the podcast deal, for example, with biomass for cooking in the Global South or the grid synchronisation of the Baltic States with the ENTSO-E zone. We take a look behind the scenes of the global study on 100% renewable energy by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and ask why the Euratom Treaty never expires but has not been modified for half a century. We also look at the new fashionable term "green hydrogen" and one of Morris's favorite topics: "If you want climate protection, women's rights are your top priority."

The AEE is planning another podcast in English on community energy this year.

Subscribe to the BETD podcast here.

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