• Renewables in transport: How to gain market share in a difficult environment

    At a lunchtime debate in Brussels on 29th September, experts from different fields will discuss their ideas on renewable road transport solutions in a market and regulatory context and will point to tasks ahead against the backdrop of the upcoming reform of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) of the European Union.

  • Passport, sunglasses, renewables

    From the windy North Sea shores to the sunny peaks of the Alps, this new travel guide brings you to over 190 destinations around Germany, the home of the Energiewende.

  • Right at Hand

    Our TALKING CARDS deliver the most important facts and figures on renewable energy in Germany. Clear, concise, and in a pocketable size, they help to quickly keep on track with statistics, trends and arguments about wind, solar, biomass and other technologies.

  • Replacing Nuclear Power

    Our infographic shows how the rise of renewable energies in Germany could compensate the decline in nuclear power generation after Fukushima, proving that renewables are the key to a successful nuclear phase-out.

  • Renewables in Germany: Driven by citizens

    Nearly half of all renewable energy capacity installed so far in Germany is in the hands of private individuals, according to a study by trend:research. This proves that everybody can contribute to the growth of renewable energies.