Foto: AEEBioenergy is extremely diverse. Heat, electricity and fuels can be produced from solid, liquid and gaseous biomass. Energy crops and wood are used as well as vegetable and animal waste. In Germany, the heating sector claims the biggest share of bioenergy’s contribution to a clean energy supply. Biomass is also used for electricity generation and as a biofuel. In 2022, biomass contributed to 7.7 percent of the German energy mix. While as of October there were 14,922 biomass power plants across Germany.

The absolute contribution of renewable Foto: AEEenergies in the German transport sector slightly increased in 2022, from 39.4 to 40.4 billion kilowatt-hours. However, their share of the total energy consumption in transportation remained stagnant at 6.8 percent. In 2022, the largest share of renewable energy consumption in transportation was held by biodiesel, accounting for 61%. It was followed by bioethanol at 21%. The share of biomethane was 2.6%.