Twenty years of support for electricity from renewable energies in Germany

The paper traces the historical development of electric power generation from renewable energies in Germany.

This analysis describes the societal background for the reorganization of the power supply system and the most important political and legal measures taken to set the course for the development of renewable energies, and provides a summary of the technological innovations achieved to date. One major focus is on the genesis of the German feed-in remuneration regulations. This is particularly interesting, since it came largely from a parliamentary initiative with broad support from all the party groups in the Bundestag – rather than from the government. In terms of the technological processes of innovation, the report confines itself to the area of electric power generation, particularly to those technologies which have undergone substantial further development over the past 20 years. 

The paper is a summary of an extensive research project at the Berlin University of Technology titled “Renewable Energies in Germany: The biography of a phenomenon of innovation”.

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