Cooperation comprises supply & installation of 64 E-138 EP3 turbines for projects in Türkiye

Aurich, 1. Juni 2023 - ENERCON, a pioneer of onshore wind turbine technologies, and KALYON Enerji, one of the leading investors in the field of renewable energy, have signed a new cooperation for 260 MW within the scope of the YEKA RES-3 project in Türkiye. According to the agreement, ENERCON will supply and install 64 E-138 EP3 wind turbines for KALYON’s onshore projects in the country.

As part of the YEKA RES-3 tender organized by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 2022 for a total capacity of 850 MW in 20 different regions, KALYON Energy obtained a total capacity of 260 MW. In January, the first turbine supply & installation contract for Ordu RES 40 MW capacity, one of the YEKA WPP-3 projects, was signed between ENERCON and Kalen Energy, one of KALYON’s subsidiaries.

ENERCON and KALYON Enerji agreed for the delivery and installation of 64 E-138 EP3 WECs for KALOYN Enerji’s YEKA RES-3 projects in Elazığ, Bilecik, Bayburt, Ankara and Trabzon regions with a capacity of 260 MW. KALYON Enerji will develop and operate the projects according to the ‘YEKA 3 Tender’ specifications.

Production of the E-138 EP3 series is highly localised. Except the nacelles all main components are manufactured in Türkiye. Tayfun Bayraktar, Sales & After Sales Director for the ENERCON Region Central Asia, Middle East and Africa (CAMEA) said: ‘With 25 years of experience and our well-established supply chain network, we developed the E-138 EP3 turbine type as the most highly localised wind turbine in Türkiye. As of today, we installed and commissioned more than 150 E-138 EP3 in the country.’

ENERCON has already undertaken the entire turbine supply & installation of the 1,000 MW YEKA RES 2 project, which plays a critical role in the renewable energy strategies of the country. ‘The signing of the next turbine supply agreement for YEKA RES 3 underlines ENERCON’s reliability as a turbine supplier and its significance for the energy transition in the country’, said Arif Günyar, ENERCON Regional Head of CAMEA. He pointed out: ‘We thank the teams from KALYON Enerji and ENERCON who contributed and supported the contract closing phase with high collaboration.’

ENERCON CCO Ulrich Schulze Südhoff added: ‘Türkiye remains a strategic market for us. We will continue to expand our footprint in the country. We are looking forward to further supporting our customers with the common mission of building a renewable energy system. Our collaboration within the YEKA framework will further strengthen Türkiye’s renewable energy strategy and energy transformation targets and will continue to contribute to the development of employment and skilled human resources by enhancing wind power generation.‘

KALYON Enerji Board Member and CEO Dr Murtaza Ata said: ‘Turkey meets an average of 40% of its annual energy needs from renewable energy sources. Our local production capability, which we have gained in renewable energy technologies, offers significant advantages to both sustainability and our economy. In this context, our cooperation with ENERCON in the supply of wind turbines with a 55% locality rate in accordance with YEKA-3 criteria will add significant momentum to our growth strategies at YEKA’

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