19. New export markets

Reason_19_Windenergieanlagen - Produktion 19Engineering “Made in Germany” is popular all over the world. Due to the promotion of renewable energies, many German companies have an edge in knowledge, which allows them to bring new, innovative and more efficient technologies into the market.

Not just in Germany, but all over the world, investment in green energy technologies takes place. This has opened up new markets.

In fact, in 2014 alone, some $ 270 billion were invested globally in new renewable capacities. Germany has benefited from these developments. According to a study commissioned by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, more than 100,000 jobs in the renewables sector are attributable to export activity. The wind and hydro industries lead the pack. For the wind energy sector, the export share is estimated at around 66 percent. For the biogas industry (which faces adverse domestic market trends) export markets are forecast to account for some 70% of the sales volume in 2015.

Although U.S., Chinese, Indian and Japanese companies increasingly enter the renewables market, German companies are well placed on international markets - advantages can be grasped.

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