8. Job engine

The expansion of renewable energies has led to a strong increase in employment. The manufacturing, planning, installation and operation of renewable energy plants provide stimuli for start-ups and in established companies.

In traditional professions and trades, new tasks arise, due for example because of a higher demand for solar panels, wood heaters and heat pumps.

Since 2000, the number of jobs in the German renewable energy sector has approximately GOODREASON8quadrupled. In 2013, some 371,000 people were employed in the renewable energy sector. The following graphic illustrates the number of jobs according to the respective sectors.

Although the solar industry has recently suffered from a workforce reduction, this was almost completely offset by strong growth in other renewable sectors.

As for the future, there is considerable potential for job creation in renewable energies. The industry, in fact, expects a total of 500,000 employees by the year 2020.

Every newly created job contributes to an increase in purchasing power, to an increase in tax revenue for the local and the federal government and thus benefits the entire economy.